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QXNE Minor Waiver Policy

This Waiver is for your QXNE membership only.

All QXNE Members under the age of 18 must have our Minor Waiver signed by both parents/legal guardians and the Minor Waiver must be notarized. This is required by our insurance in order to receive your membership and participate in QXNE races. We will have a notary on site at each track.

Parents/legal guardians that will not be present with their child to sign the Minor Waiver when picking up the child’s membership card will have to complete, sign, and have the Minor Waiver notarized beforehand, and the minor must bring the completed/signed/notarized waiver to the track with them. Please contact QXNE with questions at (508) 868-6088 or


The QXNE Minor Waiver can be downloaded below.

This Waiver must be printed on white paper, signed by both legal parents/guardians, and be notarized (can be done at the track if both parents are present). 



Each track will also have their own Minor Waiver you need to fill out. Please see the tracks website or contact them directly for more information on their waiver requirements.


The QXNE PARENTAL PERMISSION FOR GUARDIANSHIP OF MINOR form is for MINOR MEMBERS if a parent/legal guardian will not be attending the event.

The QXNE PARENTAL PERMISSION FOR GUARDIANSHIP OF MINOR form needs to be completed by both parents and notarized prior to coming to the track if a parent is not attending the event with the minor. This form allows the parents to appoint a guardian who can make medical decisions if necessary for the minor child, and allows the minor child to register as a QXNE Member and participate in member activities.






Please complete the entire form. Please contact QXNE with questions. (508) 868-6088 or

Please Review the QXNE Rulebook And Download The QXNE Membership Agreement Below

  • Individual memberships are $75

  • Family memberships use a tier structure. The first member is $75, the second member is $50, the third member is $25, the fourth and more members are no additional fee. (Examples: 2 members = $125 total, 3 members = $150 total, 4 or more members is still only $150 total)

  • Family memberships are for immediate family only! Spouses and children under 21 years old. No aunts, uncles, cousins, adult siblings, etc.

  • A separate Membership Agreement must be filled out for each member on the family membership, and every other member must be listed on each form in the spot provided.

  • The Race Orders are listed on the Membership Agreement. Please choose you classes accordingly so they aren’t too close together. The orders will not be changed to accommodate classes chosen close together!

  • By signing the Membership Agreement and paying the membership fee, you are acknowledging that you have adequate medical insurance, have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Official QXNE Rulebook, and understand and accept the attached WAIVER, RELEASE OF LIABILITY, INDEMNITY, AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT.

  • All pages of the Membership Agreement must be filled out and submitted to QXNE by either mail, email, or in person at an event.  Electronic signatures will not be accepted.

  • Membership Agreements will not be processed unless all pages are completely filled out, signed, and submitted, and membership fees are paid in full.

  • All members listed on Membership Agreements must see a designated QXNE official and show valid ID if 18 or older, or a birth certificate for minors and the parents ID, at an event to receive their membership cards BEFORE you will be able to register for races.

  • Racing numbers will be automatically reserved for the member that held that number, in the same class in which they raced the previous year until March 1st, if eligible to race that class again. If a member changes classes, their previous number is not reserved in the new class. After March 1st, previous year numbers will no longer be reserved in any class. Otherwise, and after March 1st, race numbers are approved on a first come first served basis.

Click below for the 2024 Full Season Membership Form

Single Event Memberships

Single Event Memberships will be available at the track on race weekends, and are only valid for that one event.

A Single Event Membership is $25 per racer. There is no family discounts for Single Event Memberships.

Single Event Members must follow all the same rules and requirements as full-season members. Please download and read the QXNE Rulebook located on our website here: 

Single Event Members will not receive year end championship points.


The purpose of Single Event Memberships is to offer a less expensive alternative to a full-season membership for those who may only be able to participate in 1 or 2 events for the season, or for those who may be new to QXNE and/or racing and want to give it a try without committing to the full season.

For questions, please contact us at

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