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Just Right Racing is a band of brothers who simply LOVE ATV Motocross!


It’s an informal union of friends who support, teach, mentor and help each other at every turn, straight away and jump.


The group’s kindness doesn’t end in the group, you will always see Alex Reed, Casey Bieksha, Mack McDermott, and Tyler Morgan lending a part, turning a wrench on someone’s machine, or giving some good advice to a youth rider.  


The Just Right Racing crew is starting a new gear share initiative to help the families of our youth riders.  Kids grow out of EXPENSIVE gear so quickly, Alex and the Just Right Racing team is going to facilitate a program that allows parents to donate gear that has been outgrown, and exchange for gear that fits their growing racers.  It is a grass roots effort, but the team is hoping it catches on and helps parents keep their youth racers safe, and help with the costs of gear.


If you have any gear you’d like to donate to the program, please stop by the Just Right Racing trailer in the pits and help get this program off the ground.


You can contact Alex and the Just Right Racing team at or hit them up on their social media.

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